THE SYMPOSIUM WAS A HUGE SUCCESS! Thanks to all who came out!

The Symposium will now be held at the NC Bar Association at 8000 Weston Parkway in Cary.

This symposium will address the factors that have made it possible for America to become a carceral state with racially disproportionate outcomes, provide a forum for discussing reforms that have begun to address this issue, and inspire the legal community to take action. We intend for this day to lead to the establishment of a North Carolina coalition that promotes reducing mass incarceration and its devastating impact on individuals, families, communities, and our democracy.

With a total of over 6.89 million people in jails, prisons, and under other forms of correctional control, the United States has the most comprehensive system of mass incarceration in the world.  Both nationwide and in North Carolina, this phenomenon of mass incarceration is characterized by extreme racial disparities. For example, the ratio of African Americans to whites in North Carolina prisons is 5.4 to 1. Researchers have not concluded that mass incarceration has made our society safer.

To see an agenda for the Symposium, click here.

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Registration is only $15. Lunch and a Closing Reception will be included.

Sponsors of this event include ACLU of North Carolina, NCAJ, NC Public Defender Association, Southern Coalition for Social Justice and Tin, Fulton, Walker, & Owen.