NC-CRED is co-sponsoring a Conference on Pretrial Release with the North Carolina Pretrial Services Association on October 15, 2015 in Greensboro, North Carolina. The event will feature nationally recognized experts in the field of Pretrial Justice. Tim Murray, Executive Director, Institute for Justice Planning & Director Emeritus, Pretrial Justice Institute will give the Keynote Address, “Advancing Pretrial Justice, New Opportunities, New Challenges – Pretrial Reform from a National Perspective and the Implications for North Carolina,” as well as doing a break-out session on the principles of pretrial supervision. Professor Shima Barandaran of the University of Utah College of Law will present on her research into the impact of race on pretrial release decisions. Salma Safiedine, Project Director American Bar Association’s Racial Justice Improvement Project, will do a session on implicit bias. The Honorable Susan R. Burch will present opening remarks on the importance of information when making pretrial release decisions. Download PDF to register.