Weekly Digest #15

Should NC free prisoners to reduce Coronavirus spread? Judge moves to prevent COVID-19 outbreak in Mecklenburg (Charlotte) jail NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund (LDF) file an en banc petition in case challenging qualified immunity Anthony Ray Hinton spent 30...

Weekly Digest #14

Bipartisan Coalition Calls on President Trump to Commute Federal Prison Sentences for Populations Most Vulnerable to COVID-19 Mass Incarceration: The Whole Pie 2020 | Prison Policy Initiative Some Supreme Courts Are Helping Shrink Jails to Stop Outbreaks. Others Are...

Weekly Digest #13

Groups Urge NC Officials to Reduce and Protect Incarcerated Population Amidst Coronavirus Outbreak North Carolina Correctional System Responds to COVID-19 North Carolina County-Level Criminal Charging Data – UNC School of Government Criminal Justice Innovation...

Weekly Digest #12

Forever Convicted: How a program in Durham County offers legal relief to those stuck in limbo No need to wait for pandemics: The public health case for criminal justice reform What would you ask someone on Death Row?

Weekly Digest #11

Fear of Reprisals Threatens Independence of Public Defenders and Erodes Right to Counsel Prohibiting Use of Record Check as Justification for Excusing Black Juror Slavery Gave America a Fear of Black People and a Taste for Violent Punishment

Weekly Digest #10

2019 North Carolina Conditions of Release Report North Carolina traffic stops show racial disparities, data says Court awards $1.5 Million to Kansas man wrongfully convicted